Monday, July 30, 2012

My Camping Trip

Couple of weeks ago, I went on my yearly 50+ person camping trip. This was my fourth year and the best yet because there were the most games, the nicest people, and I was finally old enough to go on the scary yet fun bike trail!

The games we played were almost like competitions. The game I won was the watermelon eating contest where all the kids got a quarter of a watermelon, and the person who finished first won the prize which was a packet of Starburst. The next game was a scavenger hunt which my sister Hannah won. Her prize was a huge bag of assorted candy!  After that, was the potato sack race. For those of you who don't know it, this is a game where you step in your potato sack and when you hear GO you hop to the finish line, the first person to reach the finish line wins. 

Doing the potato sack race.

Me eating the watermelon.

My sister sharing all her goodies.

One of the funnest things that I did on the camping trip was to go on a long and difficult bike ride with my sister, friends, and some adults including my dad. We went on a trail that was mostly uphill to a beautiful lake.  It took us about two hours and the scenery throughout the trail was magnificent. I had to ride my friend's bike since my brand new bike is a little big for me, and I had a little bit of trouble getting up the hill because his bike didn't have gears!:)

You know how camping is usually about roughing it, well every meal at this camping trip was a feast! For breakfast the menu was a variety of breads, spreads, jams, different kinds of omelets, fruits, juices, coffee and tea. For lunch we had delicious sandwiches and salads.  For dinner we had chicken, beef and fish kabobs, sausages, a variety of salads and salsas,  and all kinds of side dishes.

Over all I had an amazing time, and I can't wait for next year! Hopefully, there will more exciting games.

Have you ever been camping?
If so, where?
If not, do you want to go camping?


  1. Dear Leila,

    What a wonderful post about your camping trip! Clearly, your writing skills are still strong and you are quite ready for fourth grade! Super!

    Congratulations on your big win with the watermelon. When I was little, my brother and I used to have watermelon eating contests. It is a happy memory for me!

    I love to go camping. Mr. Yollis and I have gone many times. Sometimes we drive to the eastern Sierra, but other times we fly to locations. A few years ago, we went fly fishing up in the Arctic Circle. Here is a link with some photos of our trip:

    Visit the Arctic Circle

    Hope you are enjoying your summer! I still remember when you and your sister and your mom Skyped in and helped Mrs. Morris and I with our ISTE presentation. You were a real highlight of our session!

    Did you see any wildlife while camping? As you can see with my Arctic Circle trip, I saw one kind of animal.

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Leila,

      I think I used the wrong pronoun in my sentence!

      Here is the sentence again, can you pick out the mistake?

      I still remember when you and your sister and your mom Skyped in and helped Mrs. Morris and I with our ISTE presentation.

      Hint: If you're not sure which pronoun to use, take out the other person and see which pronoun (I or me) sounds correct. Use that one and put the person back in.

      I see Mrs. Jacobs and Miss W. left you a comment. They were both sitting in the audience when we Skyped you in at ISTE.


      Your pal,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you for the wonderful compliments! They really made my day!

      I checked out your post about visiting the arctic circle, I am amazed at the size of the fish you caught. They were humongous!

      It's really funny that you and your brother had watermelon eating contests when you were little. Who usually won?

      I did notice that you used the wrong pronoun. Here is how the sentence should be:

      I still remember when you, your sister, and your mom Skyped in and helped ME and Mrs. Morris with our ISTE presentation.

      We enjoyed doing the SKype call with you as well. It was a once in a lifetime experience!


  2. G'day Leila,

    When my brother was your age and I was a little older, our family went on a camping trip for three months around Australia. My dad drove a Kombi van and we would set up a tent every night as well to sleep in. My aunt and her family came with us and they had a caravan.

    We had great fun roughing it especially when in central Australia at Ayers Rock or Uluru as it is now called. We saw lots of animals on our trip including kangaroos and emus as well as feral camels.

    Sounds like your camping trip is fun, but over 50 people - wow, how many adults and how many kids?

    Keep up the great work with your blogging and it was great to see you on Skype at the ISTE conference when Mrs Yollis and Mrs Morris told us about flattening the world using blogs.

    Miss W and Davo the Tasmanian Devil (back in Australia now)

    1. Dear Miss W and Davo,

      Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog! So nice to hear from you and Davo!

      It sounds really fun to go on a three month camping trip. Where did you shower? You saw kangaroos and emus! That's what I call cool!

      There were about 40 adults and 15 kids on our camping trip.

      It was really fun doing the ISTE presentation, and I had no idea you were there. Was Davo there with you?


  3. Aloha Leila,
    I truly enjoyed reading your post about your camping trip. You did such a wonderful job describing the activities I felt as if I were there with you. The photographs were also well done and I liked the way you placed them in the center of your piece.

    I must admit I am not a camper. The comforts of home, meaning a hotel, are more along the lines of how I like to travel. However, I will say the food you described sounded absolutely delicious. I hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable.

    A hui hou,
    Mrs. Jacobs

    1. Dear Mrs. Jacobs,

      Thank you for all the compliments! I'm glad my descriptions and photos made you feel like you were there with me.

      I can understand why your not a camper, a hotel is a lot more comfortable. Many of my friends feel the same way you do, but I love the outdoors and our camping trips are more fun than your average camping trip.

      I wish you could have been there with us, you would have loved the food!

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer also.


  4. Dear Leila,

    I loved reading all about your wonderful camping trip. Like Mrs Yollis I would to say congratulations on winning the watermelon eating contest. Really loved the photos too!

    I am off to camp tomorrow with Bianca and her class friends. We are going on a Bike Ed camp which should be fun. I really am not to sure how I will go as I haven't been bike riding in quite a while.

    Somehow I really feel that I am going to have a few aches and pain when I arrived back home Friday afternoon.
    Bianca's dad did warm me to get and practise in before the camp arrives but I wouldn't listen. Something tells me maybe I should have.

    What was your favourite part of the camp?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful camping adventure Leila.

    From a not so ready bike rider.

    1. Dear AA,

      Thank you for writing such an amazing comment on my blog and also for all the great compliments! They make me really happy.

      I am sure you will do fine bike riding, because as they say you never forget it! As for the aches and pains, I am sure they will be worth it because you are going to have a lot of fun.

      I think it's so wonderful that Bianca is going camping with her classmates. At our school we have a week long outing called Outdoor Ed in fifth grade. Hannah will be going on it this year. I am going to miss her, but for that week I get her room! :)

      My favorite part about camping was the games! They were so much fun! I also really love to sleep in a tent.

      I hope you have a wonderful time on your camping trip!


  5. Dear Leila,
    Awesome post and a good timing post because on Wednesday which is tomorrow for Australians my class and 4JL the class next to our class is going on camp till Friday. I am very excited. The camp is called the Blue Light camp. On camp we have to use our bikes for some things.

    Have you been on a camp with your class before Leila?

    Would you like to?

    If you did what was the camp called?

    It takes 3 hours to get there to the Blue Light camp :D.

    Like Mrs Yollis said congratulations on winning the watermelon challenge.

    At my friend's party in Grade 2 we had to eat dounts from the clothes line it was really difficult because my friend's dad kept spinning the clothes line.

    The potato sack race looked really fun.

    Also congratulations to your sister for winning the scavenger hut.

    From your pal,

    BB Bianca.

    :-D :-)

    1. Dear BB,

      That you for writing such a quality comment on my blog! You're right, I had great timing on my post! I hope you enjoyed your camping trip.

      I have never been camping with my class, but I will in fifth grade. I am really looking forward to it! Hannah will be going this year, and she is really excited!

      It is funny that it takes 3 hours to get to your camp site because it took about 3 hours to get to my camp site.

      The potato sack race is really fun, and I hope can play it one day.

      Your pal,

  6. Hello!
    I love camping! I've been through all sorts of camping... From sleeping outside, then in a tiny tent, a bigger tent, a pop up trailer, and now we have a huge trailer - it's like bringing your HOUSE with you!

    I'm so glad yu took the bike trail, but even more glad you know how to use your gears! My gears have saved me on many a bike route. I love my bike(s) and know it's a great activity - you can see mare than you see from the car. Keep it up!

    Thanks for your camping stories; we can tell you enjoyed yourself. Here's to more camping for you through the years!

    Joy Kirr

  7. Dear Joy Kirr,

    Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog!

    I have been camping in an RV and you're right it is like a house! We had such a fun time just driving to and from the camp site in the RV.

    I also LOVE my bike and most people that use it instantly fall in love with it. It is my only bike that isn't a hand me down from my sister! It is a a little big for me but I still stubbornly ride it!